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Professionals find the greatest benefit of social media is gaining confidence when making their significant decisions. Clients will research and vet you without your knowledge. Don’t neglect one of the most powerful (and free) social platforms, outpacing any other sites because decision-makers prefer LinkedIn.  One out of 3 adults is visiting LinkedIn, estimated at 76% of executives checking in daily.

Focus on those productive LinkedIn activities that matter the most. We show you how.

Through our LinkedIn Club training, coaching and consulting, you get a roadmap and learn how to navigate LinkedIn and strengthen your skills.

“Why should I?”

  1. Increase your visibility to improve business opportunity, 24/7 in the only purely professional social platform and the largest one.
  2. Speak directly to your desired audience and avoid the gatekeeper.
  3. Learn a proven process in a series of nurturing steps.
  4. Be pro-active: own your vertical(s) in your desired geography.
  5. SEO for your name, for your company.
  6. Low investment for recurring business referrals.

We help you with a strategic process, time-tested and proven. We help you boost performance to counter these facts:

Our areas of expertise will deliver more opportunity.

Most professional firms are feeling internal and external pressure to change their business model to bring in more revenues. And we have your LinkedIn solution ready to go. Shifts in technology, changes in buying behavior are driving CEOs / shareholders / managing partners to source new ideas for referral networking to initiate, sustain and deepen relationships.

Need to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

Skeleton profiles exist for too many high powered executives and we solve that issue. Your LinkedIn profile isn’t your bio. It’s your career credentials and your reputation, online. We can optimize your profile so that it is key-word rich and works great with algorithms. We help your profile become a page one return when your name is searched.

Award-winning writers and I will dedicate time to interview you, obtain intangible information to create a persona that reflects your personality and sparks a connection with the LinkedIn reader. Our meticulous method at optimization offers top ranking of profiles and a personable approach to emphasize the passion behind the professional, you!

And appeal to the perfect audience you’d like to attract.

Sample Work

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Managing Shareholder | Attorney CEO | Shareholder | Entrepreneur | CFP | CEO | CPA | Family Lawyer | Financial Advisor | IBM Executive | IT Executive | Elder Law Attorney


Prefer 1:1 LinkedIn Club coaching?

Still puzzled by the new user interface rolled out by LinkedIn?  No problem!  We have the tools and customized system to develop your strategic focus to earn those new business opportunities. Move faster because you’ll learn faster.

LinkedIn Club weekly workshop

Our boot camp training is up-to-date because we’re heavy users of LinkedIn on a daily basis.  Our sessions are delivered onsite or online, teaching worldwide.  We show + do + review to gain traction, to make a difference for customer-facing teams within weeks.

LinkedIn Club Topics

√ Be visible on LinkedIn using keywords and demonstrate your solution to client challenges.

√ Connect with your warm market and build your referral business network.

√ Know where your prospects and future customers are.

√ Short cuts to online networking, best practices – each business day.

√ How and what content to publish for brand awareness

√ Introduce people to one another to create synergistic relationships

√ Putting it all together – Your Plan

LinkedIn Club content writing for your business

Too busy to draft an article or prepare a 300 word white paper? One of our award-winning writers is capable of ghost-writing or acting as your edit

LinkedIn advertising campaign offers precise audience targets

Imagine sending an irresistible and compelling offer directed at someone who is uniquely qualified and possesses authority to decide?  LinkedIn Club delivers your carefully crafted message with a call-to-action to your buyer who is simply one click away.

Join the Club

As a client, you are entitled to a monthly mastery session which is a forum for continuing education about LinkedIn and an opportunity to get answers your specific question(s).

Here is a partial listing of engagements with companies, large and small.



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About CEO of LinkedInClub, D. B. Wienke

Online networking delivers opportunity for you / your firm.  Our clients have proven results (ROI) in many business verticals from new casework for attorneys, new construction contracts, increasing patients in a concierge practice, winning new IT accounts and many more.

Do you know how to make sense of LinkedIn? With two new LinkedIn members joining every second, your network becomes more valuable with deepening relationships. LinkedInClub has coached and trained thousands of professionals on maximizing LinkedIn to further their business goals, even as far as Japan and Israel. We’re a LinkedIn consulting, coaching and training firm that has been engaged by companies both large and small.

Up-to-date and Best Practices

With all of LinkedIn’s changes, there’s a lot to learn. Remember, mastering LinkedIn is about following a process; not taking a shortcut. When done right, you can connect with top elite professionals and provide a way to earn trust, build a referral network, further careers and offer knowledge and expertise. Online networking is more time efficient with our productive techniques.

Whatever business you’re in, we all seek a steady stream of new customers, new referrals and new revenue and LinkedInClub solves this challenge with a clever, time-tested approach with our reliable system.

D.B. has a Master’s dual degree in Marketing and Management Strategy from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Denison University.  As a former Chief Marketing Officer and F50 sales executive, she is your LinkedIn expert coach.

Send a note to D. B. at or call (772)370-2889 to get the conversation started.

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